Stéphane Valès is co-founder and CEO of Ingenuity I/O, a company dedicated to imagining, building and deploying highly efficient interactive environments for demanding operators in complex domains, relying on complex, distributed, heterogeneous systems.

Ingenuity I/O also develops the Ingescape solution, bridging the gaps between MBSE, HCI, HCD and Human Factors, de facto pioneering the domain of Human-System Integration with a model-based approach.

With a French engineering degree in aeronautics and complex systems and a master’s degree in HCI, Stephane Valès has 20 years of experience in designing and developing real-world interactive systems and products for major domains including aeronautics, air traffic control, transports, energy, healthcare, and defense.

Before co-founding Ingenuity I/O in 2012, Stéphane started his career at IntuiLab in 2003 with pioneering activities in distributed and collaborative HCI, rich UI, multitouch interactions, and model-based interactive software engineering. He applied all these domains consistently in the industry at European and international level with academic collaborations all over Europe, and in the US. Stephane has led multiple software initiatives and was the first product manager of the IntuiFace product suite, with which he acquired knowledge and experience in product marketing and innovative business models using blue ocean and lean strategies.

With one foot in academic research, leading to multiple publications and patents in CSCW, Natural User Interactions, distributed communications and interactive software engineering, and the other foot in the software industry, leading to numerous deployments for real-world end users, Stéphane and the Ingenuity I/O team have developed advanced skills and methodologies for the efficient combination of HCI, MBSE, Human Factors, V&V and practical coding, all of whom they inject continuously in the Ingescape tool suite and in academic & industrial collaborations.


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