Human Systems Integration at ESTIA/CentraleSupélec/ISAE-SUPAERO

     The HSI course in 2022-2023

     Mini-projects in January 2023 (ESTIA)

     Mini-projects in February-April 2023 (CentraleSup√©lec)

     Mini-projects in April-May 2023 (ISAE-SUPAERO)

     Useful documents

Professional courses

     Online products (will be available soon)

Summer/Winter schools

     Academia and industry together

     First Summer School is planned in 2023

Hands-on training

     FlexTech-CLE prototyping platform

FlexTech Seminar (broadcasted) - see the Events section

     Monthly lectures by experienced scientists and professionals

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Human Systems Integration

           Course taught at

               CentraleSup√©lec, ESTIA,

               ISAE-SUPAERO & ESCP