Marija Jankovic, Ph.D.,  is Professor of Design Engineering and Complex Systems at École Centrale Supélec (CS), Université Paris-Saclay. Dr. Jankovic's focus is to support decision making in the early phases of complex systems design, more specifically to support the design of Systems Architectures by ingesting innovations and uncertainties. Based on Complexity theory, the objective is to assist in the systematic generation and exploration of the design space and to assist in decision making by evaluating and managing uncertainties in the upstream phases. The research is supported by numerous collaborations with French and international industry such as Snecma, Thales, EADS, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Schlumberger, etc. Dr. Jankovic is the Head of the Technical Committee for Research and Innovation of the French Association of Systems Engineering, member of the Design Society and IEEE Systems Concil. She is the head of the Large Systems Interaction program and the 3rd year Design & System Sciences program of the CS engineering program. Dr. Jankovic has participated in 11 CIFRE projects, 1 research program definition project, 1 IRT SystemX project, and 2 European projects. She has 30 published or accepted journal papers, 3 submitted journal papers, 3 scientific book chapters, 2 journal papers that are editorials, and 67 conference papers with review committee. A selection of the list of publications:

Qasim, L., et al. "A Model-based Method for System Reconfiguration”, ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Accepted pending revisions.

Damak, Y., et al. "Operational Context Change Propagation Prediction on Autonomous Vehicles Architectures." ASME Journal of Autonomous Vehicles and Systems. Accepted pending revisions.

Fakhfakh, S., et al. (2021). "A Product Service System of Systems Meta-model: instantiation on an electric vehicle." Systems Engineering Journal. To be published.

Duong, T. A., et al. (2020). "A process modelling approach to assess the impact of teledermatology deployment onto the skin tumor care pathway." International Journal of Medical Informatics.

She is Director for Master Studies in Engineering Design and Management (Ingénierie de la Conception, Master Recherche Univérsité Paris Saclay en Ingénierie des Systèmes Complexes). Dr. Jankovic’s teaching is focused on Engineering Design, Complex Engineered Systems, System Architecture Design and Research methods and protocols. She is also one of the coordinators of the Research and Innovation group at INCOSE French Chapter (Association Française de l’Ingenierie Système).

She obtained her Ph.D. in Design Management, Project Management and Industrial Engineering (2006) and a Master degree in Project Management and Systems Engineering (2002) from Ecole Centrale de Paris (CentraleSupélec), and an Engineering degree in Organizational Sciences (2001) from the University of Belgrade.