Events to come...

If you have one more event to add, please let us know. Thanks.

7-8 June 2023. Safety Forum. Organzed by the Flight Safety Foundation at EUROCONTROL HQ, Brussels, Belgium.

18-23 June 2023. Doctoral Summer School on Uncertainty , Ascona, Switzerland

5-7 July 2023. Colloque EPIQUE. Ecole du Val de Grace, Paris, France.

15-20 July 2023. INCOSE International Symposium (IS2023), Hybrid, Honolulu, USA.

19-23 August 2023. FlexTech Summer School on Human Machine Teaming. Location TBD.

25-29 August 2023. 22nd Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association. Jeju, Korea.

30-31 October 2023. Complex Systems Design and Management Conference CSD&M-2023. Beijing, China.

22-24 November 2023. 40th anniversary of the Air & Space Academy. Toulouse.

7 December 2023. FlexTech Workshop. CentraleSupélec, Paris Saclay University.