Dimitri Masson, Ph.D., holds an engineering degree (BS, MS) in computer science from the Grenoble INP Ensimag in Grenoble and a Master's degree from Joseph Fourier University in distributed, integrated, mobile, interactive and parallel systems. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Grenoble Alpes, specializing in computer assisted creativity. Since 2015, he is a teacher, researcher and engineer at ESTIA. Since 2018 he is the head of the Mathematics and Computer Science teaching unit and the pedagogical coordinator of the Bali Chair. His field of research is at the crossroads of artificial intelligence, computational creativity and human-computer interaction. He focuses on the design and development of computer tools designed to support design activities, creativity, innovation, and decision-making. He is co-supervising two PhD thesis on human integration in complex systems as part of the FlexTech Chair, and one PhD thesis in tracability for the textile and fashion industries as part of the BALI Chair. 

He was local co-chair for the HSI WG – 2020 Workshop on Human System Integration in the Era of Global Crises Challenges and Opportunities. (27-29.10.2020 - virtual). He is the Co-Chair for the Early Stage Research papers for HSI2021 - the International Conference on Human-Systems Integration ( 17-19.11.2021 San Diego). He contributes to the Incose HSI WG since 2020