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Product Line Interactive Systems Engineering

Model-based Interactive Systems Similarity Design and Assessment

Multi-launchers Ground Segments

Image Ground segment for Callisto Spacecraft

Generic Interactive Systems Engineering:

Application to Space Ground Segments of Spacecrafts


This thesis financed by the CNES aims at defining interactive command and control systems for managing the flight backup of multiple launchers. As part of this study, man-machine interfaces have been proposed, corresponding to the needs of the backup operators in the current configuration, but also in the envisaged Flight Safety Operations configuration.

The aim of this thesis is to develop methods, techniques and tools for the engineering of generic command and control systems that can be used for a variety of launchers. In the field of human-computer interaction, design methods (known as user-centred - ISO 9241 part 210 standard [1]) aim to produce an interactive system that can be used for an identified type of user and that must be operated in a specific context. The objectives of this thesis go much further and aim to identify solutions for the design, development and evaluation of generic interactive systems exhibiting demonstrated similarities [3].

The approach envisaged consists of studying, applying and extending the principles of Software Product Lines [2] to the field of human-machine interaction and interfaces by producing interactive systems that can be used for identified (but variable) groups of users and systems that are variants of the same generic system (in the context of the thesis, the system considered is the command and control system for launchers for flight backup activities) bringing together usability and dependability [4].


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