Bertrand Lantès, a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Toulouse, has spent his entire career in the Nuclear Operations Division of EDF [1979 - 2014].

He was first a test engineer on the Fessenheim 1, Bugey 4 and Dampierre 1 reactors, and then became director of the EDF chemical analysis and expertise laboratory (Irradiated Materials Workshop - Chinon). There he developed material decontamination processes (expert and consultant to the IAEA in this field) and participated in their implementation during industrial operations in France and abroad.

Finally, he joined the Nuclear Fleet Technical Support as an expert in radioactive waste management with significant international involvement (IAEA consultant, ISO expert, training, workshops, EPR projects, Safety Authorities); member of the Industrial Committee of the CENTRACO plant (Cyclife France) since its creation.

He is a regular speaker in many training courses (CEA Saclay/INSTN, Masters, engineering schools, CEA Grenoble/Génie Atomique). He is the author of several articles in the journals RGN and CONTROLE, and of 30 technical presentations in international conferences (12 countries).

He is co-author of the following technical publications :

- Guide to the Decontamination in NPPs (1987),

- Decontamination of Water Cooled Reactors (IAEA -1994),

- ISO 21238 : Scaling factors (SF) for the declaration of long-lived

  nuclides (2007)

- Determination and use of SF for waste characterization in NPPs

  (IAEA -2009)



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