Aurélie Akli is currently a DIA* “CIFRE-Défense” doctoral student in human-centered artificial intelligence within the LGI2A Lab – Université d’Artois, the FlexTech Chair and the CS Research Lab (an entity of CS Group). This project aims to develop a formal approach for reasoning assistance facing inconsistent information under psychosocial pressure and time constraints, framed in belief function theory.

Aurélie holds a master’s degree in computer sciences in Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences (Master Informatique - IASD in french) from Université de Montpellier. Previously, she got graduated from the licence’s degree in computer sciences (Licence d'Informatique) from Université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier.

DIA is the Defense Innovation Agency from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. The thesis is in fact co-funded by CS Group and the DIA.