Collaboration CentraleSupélec-ESTIA-CS GROUP

Human-In-The-Loop Simulations

Tangible Virtual Prototypes

Virtual Tower


Move air traffic control operators out of the traditional physical tower in order to reduce construction costs and to pool resources of several airfields into one single remote center. The tower cab is the main control environment that needs to be virtualized and reshaped in this regard.

Study new remote air traffic control paradigms that do not rely solely on a camera-based restitution of the view from the physical tower on the airfield. Alternative non-visual interactions (audio, haptics, vibrations, virtual reality…) need to be explored to keep the controller's situation awareness at an appropriate and safe enough level.

Develop new or existing human-centered design methodologies, such as PRODEC, which are highly based on the development of iteratively refined virtual, computer-based prototypes that enable the early analysis of the controllers' activity.