FlexTech Initiative  

together with general practitioners


The INNOMED project is based on two observations: on the one hand, French hospital emergency departments are overloaded, and on the other hand, the trust between the general practitioner (GP) and his/her patients has greatly deteriorated over the last decades.

Our objective is therefore to study the current French health system, to understand these two phenomena and to reflect on potential solutions.

To this end, a project was launched with three groups of engineering students from ESTIA, CentraleSupélec and ISAE-SUPAERO, in collaboration with general practitioners and emergency physicians from the Basque Country.

Following the analysis of their research reports, a first phase of knowledge acquisition and procedural analysis was carried out. This phase was directly derived from the feedbacks and accounts of the interviewed experts.

Following this, we proceeded to a declarative analysis of the previously determined procedures. This allowed us to highlight the main problematic functions.

Our objective is to pose the problem as correctly as possible and to propose solutions based on current techniques of human systems integration.

We have arrived at the following requirements:

1. Support the relationship between the general practitioner and the hospital (specialist doctors)

2. Integrate the various systems of administrative management of medical acts

3. Support the GP-patient relationship (including remote procedures)


of the French health system centered on general medicine