Human-Centred Design of a digital twin supporting decision-making

for the renovation of a hospital building towards nZEB

Hospital Sudoe 4.0


The objective of this research effort is to support decision making for hospital facility renovation. It consists of in-depth observations and investigations of the decision-making processes of decision makers.

The Digital twin's concept have several advantages that consist in supporting the observation of the real-time situation, exploring renovation alternatives, and optimizing renovation scenarios.

The research effort is based on two important observations :

1. The digital twin is a decision-making support systems based on simulation and optimization processes. The complexity of such a digital tool requires deeper systemic investigations.

2. An energy-saving program is under definition by hospital managers, who explore energy consumption and production, help design renovation scenarios, an so on.

Thus, the question currently addressed is: How do we close the gap between the two profiles of decision makers in the hospital (engineering design team) and decision makers using digital twin technology (operations personnel)?