Audrey Abi Akle, Ph.D., is assistant professor in Design engineering at ESTIA Institute of Technology.

Her research interest focuses on decision-making methods to support complex systems design and human centered design in preliminary design phases. In other words, the objective is to include subjective variables (from users) in the exploration of Design Space.

She teaches design methods and is responsible for or participates in courses such as "product design and innovation", "design value analysis", "product life cycle", "system design engineering", "new product development ", etc. She is also responsible for the "research project" teaching module at the ESTIA.

She is a member of EcoSD (French community for the eco-design of Systems for Sustainable Development), S.mart (French community for the Industry of the Future) and the Design Society (international organisation whose members share a common interest in design).

She received her PhD in Industrial engineering from CentraleSupélec in 2015, an engineering degree from ESTIA and a MSc in robotics and automation from University of Salford-Manchester in 2011.